Notes from the desk. A good part of this past winter has been spent with rebuilds of client's websites from the previous system. The nice part about rebuilds is "content" is readily available and it simply becomes a matter of rescripting the pages – and, in some instances, trying to make them more functional and appealing. The "not-so-nice" part about rebuilds is it can be tedious. But, that goes with the territory. For myself, there is no better way to spend the colder evenings than playing with matters that are not overly taxing. 

Though I am not particularly looking for new clients, I am open to conversations. Having new challenges is always welcomed, helps to keep things fresh and pushes the comfort zone (which is always a good thing). 

I have been spending time preparing small brochures and booklet layouts for clients these past few months as well. If you have a publishing project, commemorative booklet or ad/flyer that needs to be designed – do give a call. I have designed ads for major publications throughout the USA, including Brides, Yankee Magazine and Military Heritage (to name a few). If you would like to see some of the brochure/ad book layouts, simply send word.

I enjoy doing commemorative and ad booklets. Surprisingly, having an independent designer (such as myself) can often save you both time, money and anxiety when preparing such publications. As well, the final product/publication tends to be a notch above what you will get from some print houses. Not criticizing. Simply offering an alternative. 

Below are a few of the projects from the past few weeks.