Sometimes, I just sit and think...

About the Fifth Page

"Go figure."
I've said everything I wanted to say... in four pages.

I had grown tired of my old website and doing things a certain way. It had been good to me. It had been good for my clients and their websites. But I had started getting bogged in the details. Then Adobe pulled the bottom out of Tyekit. My interests in the work shifted. Bottom line? I was no longer the same person that started the my old website. It was time for something new. I started Five Page Web.

Historically, everything I've done in the past two decades started as part of a simple idea back in 2008. The idea (back then) was that I would attract local search easily (because of the website name) and local clients (because it made sense). The reality was I attracted clients from all across the USA and Europe. "Local clients?" Not so much.  But, all that is an entirely different story. 

Present day 2024... it was simply time to turn a page and start anew. 

I had been thinking about this for quite some time. 


An opportunity to accomplish the task came around Thanksgiving 2023. It is done. I built Five Page Web (this website). It took about a day and a half.  And... I had found that just about everything I wanted to talk about was contained in four pages. I pondered that thought and decided I had to add this page, The Fifth Page. It would only make sense, right? Five Page Web should have five pages!

For now, my thoughts are that this page will eventually evolve into something. Until that happens, I will use it to monitor how the new website is doing.

November 30/2023

Somewhat Big News

December 2023

The season has quickly moved into “The Holidays.” 
Though normally a busy time, this year (in particular) is tremendously low-keyed.
I am grateful for that.

I've been playing with the website (on-and-off) as time permits. I've added an “official email” for the property and have begun the process of indexing with Google and Bing.  As I mention on the website, we can build a website in a matter of days, but... for it to be a "good website" – it takes awhile. There is SEO work, search engine indexing and content/layout issues to content with, load/image optimizations, sitemap submissions, etc. We can have a viewable and working website in a matter of days, but always consider that the all the fine-tuning does take time. Be patient with it. I guarantee it is worth the wait.

Semi-big news? 
This is something I have been toying with for quite some time... 

I am beginning to accept the fact that many website owners can manage their websites on their own. All of my prior experiences with CMS options turned into chaos, hours upon hours of rebuild and "fixing things." I didn't like it because it was very time-consuming. My clients didn't like it because they started to become frustrated. They didn't like it more whenever I would bill them for my time.  For those kind-of-reasons I opted out of creating websites that were self-managed and insisted that changes, updates, etc. had to be done in-house, meaning "by me."  It works/worked well... but I am finally rolling down the other side of the hill and seriously considering self-managed websites to clients in the near future. 

I have never been fan of the commercial CMS options (like WIX, Squarespace, and even Wordpress) for a variety of reasons. But, I'm chipping away at a new iceburg and finding it interesting and probable. If you would like more info, simply let me know. I will be posting more information once I come to grips with it. For now, it's still business as usual.